Fixing Tools and Accessories

Strong and affordable Fixing Tools and Accessories are available in different designs and dimensions for meeting the demands of fixing and other applications.

Thread Inserts

Threaded Inserts are durable and efficient fastener elements used for inserting into an object for adding a threaded hole.

Spiral Point Tap

Spiral Pointed Taps are available with straight flutes for coolant distribution. These taps are available with a slanted angular gash on the front end at the cutting chamfer for managing the chips. They are mainly utilized for tapping threads in through holes.

Helicoil STI Taps

Helicoil STI Taps are used as a basic tool for creating threads for threaded inserts. They are used with a CNC machine or other high-precision equipment for ensuring proper fitting.

Helicoil Lock Nuts

Helicoil Lock Nuts are precisely designed for ensuring efficient linking of two fasteners. They are widely used in engine exhaust systems in the automotive, mechanical, construction, railway and agricultural industry.

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