Product Profile
We have been manufacturing a wide assortment of products for different industries. Our products provide positive means for protecting and strengthening all tapped threads. We design the product range from high quality Stainless Steel grade AISI-304/ 304 non-magnetic, 316, AMS-7245 & space age materials. Identification/surface coatings as per customers requirement. The manufacturing standards of our products are DIN 8140-1, AS/AGS, ASME, BS, LN, MA, MS, & NASM etc. series. We offer inserts & accessories that can be interchanged to other available lead brands. Our product range includes:

Gripcoil Thread Inserts
(Free Running Type & Self Locking Type)

Product Range Standard & Screw lock

ISO Metric Fine Pitches

M4 M45

ISO Metric Coarse Pitches

M1.6 M45


2" 56 to 1 1/2


2" 64 to 1 1/2


1/8 to 1 1/2


1/4 to 1 3/8


1/8to 1

Including Installation Taps, Tools & Gauges

Our array of Wire Thread Inserts is available in five different lengths which are multiple of the diameter of particular insert. These are X the diameter 1D,1.5D, 2D, 2.5D and 3D.

Quality Assurance
Quality is an inevitable part of our firm. Hence, we have developed a strategically planned quality management concept to translate our quality goals into reality. Our products right from the product conception to the market introduction are strictly trusted on varied parameters to provide the best to the clients. Owing to our excellent quality inspectors, we are able to win the trust of clients based in various countries around the world.

We have a state-of-art manufacturing unit that aids us in the production of over 2 million inserts per month. With sound infrastructural facility, we are able to produce 3.5 million inserts production target per month by June 2011. We have a robust manufacturing unit, which is developed as per the industry requirements and guidelines. The unit productions are conformed with the following internationally recognized helicoil thread specifications:

  • DIN 8140-1
  • AS, ASME series
  • BS series
  • MA, MS series
  • NASM series

Area of Application

Our range of products is used in the following sectors:
  •  Aerospace components
  •  Automotive & Aluminum die casting components
  •  Defense & military equipment
  •  Electronics, communication & electrical products
  •  General manufacturing equipment.
  •  Medical equipment
  •  Power generation equipment
  •  Maintenance & distribution markets.

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